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The movie theater complex may have gotten a little closer to realization after a meeting today with neighborhood residents, Mayor Begich and others from City Hall. The municipality resolved some of the items the neighborhood disagreed with from previous proposals. The electrical substation found a new home nearer to its present location, the driveway to the ML&P offices on the upper part of the center mall buildings was moved off the former Mobile Trailer Supply property, and Mt View Drive now has less surface parking along the street. And the theater is smaller and includes retail space along Mt View Drive. This latest quick sketch also shows back out diagonal parking along the street side of the new theater/retail building. I pressed them a little on that — do you really intend to include those spaces? If they do it will go a long way toward buffering the new development to the adjacent part of the residential neighborhood. I said, forgetting the politics, adjacencies and economics for a minute [I know one can’t really forget those things] it is a crime to put a large windowless building on a site with a high plateau and territorial view of the Chugach Mountains. But I guess it wouldn’t be the first instance of such a high crime against nature. The mayor and Hugh Wade continued to spar, as they have for months. Hugh outweighs him but the mayor is very scrappy and tactical.