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non-support of knik arm bridge

At tonight’s meeting of the Mt View Community Council, the membership passed two resolutions about the proposed Knik Arm Crossing [one of the state’s infamous “bridges to nowhere”]. The first resolution was sponsored by Anchorage Assemblymember Allan Tesche and was a list of four conditions that the municipality would attach to a bridge development, dealing with paying for infrastructure improvements that would have to be made to carry traffic to the bridge and attempt to negate impacts on neighborhoods the approach road and tie-ins would create. The second resolution was a little stronger, and expressed support for the South Addition Community Council resolution that was basically a blunt statement of non-support. The first resolution passed 6-2 and the second 11-3. To my way of thinking, it’s great that the public is beginning to grasp the truth about this ill-conceived mega-project. Lots of negative impact, not that much value for the money, not needed now.