Mountain View, a neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska. Founded in 1940, assimilated by Anchorage in 1954, it stands in a corner of the city surrounded by a military base.  A zoning change in the ’60s put it on the path to becoming the most densely populated part of town.  Later it developed a fearsome reputation for crime and social problems that continues, despite efforts to redevelop and renovate it.

I have lived in Anchorage since 1972 and Mt. View since 1999.  I’m a designer with a local architect, a photographer and a former VP of the Mt. View Community Council.  I’ve written about Mt. View on the web since 2005.

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  1. Ishmael says:

    I knew a Jan Yerrington from Anchorage in photography school in Seattle in 86-88. Any relation?

  2. clark says:

    yeah, my sister. she is still doing photography [portraits] and living in the st. louis area. she migrated around the country in the ’90s — from seattle to LA to atlanta to tulsa to st louis.

  3. i was raised at 212 glenn street from 1947 to 1966 our neighbors were the baileys,the mc dowells bill mc dowell were best friends i think our house burned in 1958

  4. dennis abshier again my dad worked for the railroad

  5. Karen says:

    I think my address was Glenn St in early 50’s. Neighbor on one side was Carol Karl. Her Dad worked for the CCC and her lovely Mother was kind enough to look in on me while I was recovering from meningitis. My mother was a teacher and so were most of her friends. She was Mrs. Lee, others were; Mabel Brown, Mrs. Deal, Mrs. Wylde, Mr. Fetzer. Walking to elementary school on cold days we’d throw snowballs at each other but on really cold days we had to remind each other not to cry as the tears would freeze our eyes. Not sure if that was true. We had a neighbor who may have been named Danny Graham who had polio and scooted with hands and one good leg — I think it’s called crabstyle but that sounds derogatory. He was one of two brothers I think. A woman down the street raised and slaughtered chickens and rabbits. My brother and I would go to the Mountain View side of East Chester flats where there a lot of Air Force bombers “mothballed” and partly in the creek that flowed thick with Humpback Salmon in late summer. My brother (5 years of age) and I (8 years) climbed up into the cockpits etc and played war. The neighborhood was filled with military debris; what looked like two foot-tall bombs were ubiquitous, even used in rows as fences. As kids of that era, we scrounged in sheds etc and found K-rations. Playing war and eating the chocolate (cardboard texture) K Rations took up most of summer.

    • Karen, I just left a post under the aerial picture of Mt View then I saw your post. It sounds like we’re about the same age and wonder if we were in school together. Do you remember a trailer park? I had two younger brothers around the age of yours…they might have played together. Both my parents are gone so I can’t ask anything. Our next door neighbors were Bob & Penny Sommers, a young couple with no kids. He was a pilot. They & my folks actually stayed in touch over the years. Bob& Penny divorced. He retired from Delta & passed away in FL just a few years ago. I’d love to hear from you…find me on FB.

  6. Mary cannon says:

    C–think I tracked you down. This is M. Cannon, yes, P. Cannon’s sister from Dimond. Coming up North in June. We have to get together and re-live some old Alaska memories!
    E-mail me.

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