Six decades back

mt view aerial ca 1953

I ran across this aerial photo of Mt View today while browsing the net.  It is of unknown origin and labeled, ‘Old Mt. View, ca. 1953’.

The street grid is visible.  The view is looking east from the west end of the neighborhood.  The first development of three former homesteads had happened a dozen years before.  So there’s still a lot of trees and vacant property, with narrow streets.

Mt View Dr. [then the Palmer Highway] enters the frame from the south at center right.  What’s now Commercial Dr. is a rough side road that fades into the trees at the lower right.  At the corner of Mt View/Commercial/Taylor St. there is the gas station building that was torn down in 2001 when the Success By Six Bldg. and Garden Art Park were built.  The sweeping curve in Mt View Dr that bisects that block interests me.  It is not like that now — approaching from Mt View Dr. one must stop and make a sharp right turn.

The Topolski house at 232 Taylor St. is visible in the center left.  At the upper right [where Mt View Dr snaps back to the current alignment] the area now occupied by the Red Apple Market and its parking lot appears to be cleared and there is something there that I can’t quite make out.

I find historical glimpses like this fascinating.  Will study this one more and see if I can find anything else notable.

Here’s a 2013 Google Earth screen shot of a similar view:

similar point of view, 2013

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4 thoughts on “Six decades back

  1. Niki Burrows says:

    Thank you, Clark!!! This is great. keep me on this list, please!!


  2. Steve says:

    Nice find Clark. I like the comparison of the two maps.
    BTW, I can’t find dates for the posts on the main page, just when I click on a specific post.

  3. clark says:

    I’m going to switch back to a better page format. This latest one is far from ideal, for the reason you note and a few others. The dates will come back, I expect.

  4. My family lived in a trailer park in Mt View about this time or maybe a year earlier. My dad was stationed at Elmendorf. I have very fond memories of that tiny, cozy home. Does anyone know what school I might have attended in 1st or 2nd grade? We later moved to Spenard & I think the school was Talkeetna Elementary. I’d love to know if anyone has pictures or memories to share. I was Mary Louise Kearns not that anyone would remember 🙂

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