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defending mt. view to a skeptical public, again

I have made it a personal mission in the last 12 years to challenge people who make fun of Mt. View in some way in the public realm.  Here’s the latest salvo:

from: clark yerrington
subject: “Viral Video Pokes Fun at Anchorage”

this story, one of the lead stories on your home page presently has an aspect that i find regrettable.

i know it is a satirical video.  i get that about it.
the part that bugs me is his nasty wisecrack about mt. view.
i have lived in mt. view since 1999 and have participated in the renovation and redevelopment of the neighborhood and community here.
many of us here are conscious of social problems, respectful of improvements, and engaged in ongoing discussions on how to make mt. view even better.
we don’t deserve to continue to be the punchline for people who are trying to feel better about spenard, or south anchorage, hillside, eagle river or wherever else.
let’s just go ahead and admit that ALL of anchorage has its problems, and ALL of anchorage has similar risk of being victimized by random violent crime.
or else, show me the statistics — not just folk wisdom or urban legend — proving that mt. view is less safe than the rest of anchorage.
KTUU’s prominent placement and story about the video says to me that you either agree that you’d have to be crazy to go door to door in mt. view, or else you find it funny.  either one is pretty disappointing.
Update: I got a prompt reply from Maria Downey [one of the anchors of the news program]:
Hi Clark,
Sorry you took offense to the piece.   It doesn’t mean we agree with all that is in the video at all.  The story was about  an award winning satirical piece that is getting a lot of attention on line from across the country.
The video pokes fun at many aspects of our life up here and I would say many Alaskans can  relate to much of the material and laugh about it but there might be some sore spots for others as well.
Thanks for sharing your concern about that one line in the video… we’ll share your feedback.
I still think there’s a big difference between joking about cracked windshields and winter weather, and the intentional marginalizing of a part of Anchorage.  But it was nice of her to write back.

Brilliantly beautiful cold afternoon

For a place that has been beleaguered, maligned, exploited, downgraded, disrespected and widely misunderstood — today it was simply beautiful.


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