light pollution

Night view of Brighton Park Apts. at Glenn Hwy. and Bragaw St., the entire vicinity lit up by the ridiculous high mast (baseball park type) lights that our overlords at the Alaska Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities insisted we had to have, rather than something reasonable/less intrusive.

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2 thoughts on “light pollution

  1. claire says:

    Ah, high mast lights…at 130 ft. and 8000 watts, you’re sure to drive safer down the GLenn at 65 mph. That’s the DOT goal—keep traffic moving. Never mind the neighborhood you’re passing THROUGH.
    Has anyone else noticed the eery glow to the (night) sky, while in Mountain View looking east/north? Is this the result of all the parking lot lights at the Target mall? Or from the base? I keep meaning to check it out. Very disturbing…MV is between this bright white “cloud” to the NE, and the orangey glow of the high-mast to the SW….there is little night left in the sky.

  2. you know, i absolutely HATE these lights. i think we should start a petition to make them take them down. the cost must crazy expensive, they’re ugly and they’ve put them all over the city. it’s quite ridiculous.

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