mt view supports mass transit

Just received this in an email from Cheryl Richardson of Anchorage Citizens Coalition:

Last week, Mountain View Community Council adopted [a] resolution asking the State to help pay for operating People Mover.  The resolution goes next to Fairview Community Council.
While the state’s general fund has been tapped for several hundred million dollars to pay for road building in recent years, Alaska is one of only two states that do not help its cities operate its transit systems. 
State Senator Bill Wielechowski and State Rep Max Gruenberg represent East Anchorage and have expressed interest in expanding People Mover service.  The Daily News also published supportive editorials last Thursday and Friday.
Anchorage provides less transit service per capita than other western cities, while charging more at the farebox.  Just this year, for the first time, People Mover surpassed its 1982 ridership levels – with less service and fewer buses on the streets than in 1982. 
Staff say that ridership climbed significantly along with rising fuel prices this summer and fall, and ridership has stayed up, even with falling fuel prices this fall.
Anchorage Citizens Coalition supports transit expansion based on Anchorage 2020 land development goals secured by relible long term funding.

Good news!  It’s tempting to say it’s too bad it took decades and $4.00 gas to get there, and too bad it’s another statistic where Alaska comes in dead last or 47th out of 50 or whatever.  But let’s not go there.  Any improvement, any increase in awareness is progress.

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2 thoughts on “mt view supports mass transit

  1. Molly says:

    I would love expanded people mover service. I have been wanting to take the bus for short trips around town, but it’s limited and unreliable at it’s present state 😦

    Here’s hoping!

  2. clark says:

    you’re right! here’s what i think about that in more detail [i put this in the comment section of ADN’s first editorial last week]:
    the business community should get behind improvements to the system. we were talking about this at work the other day. let’s say you own a cafe, small restaurant or shop someplace like 70th and arctic, or out on debarr between boniface and muldoon. you might get a lot more traffic if people didn’t need a car to get there. but nobody is going to get off a bus at a small neighborhood commercial center and wait more than an hour to get on again. if it came by every 10 or 15 minutes, you could ride all over the place during a day or part of a day. you could go from south anchorage to downtown and back again, making a few stops. as the system now exists this is all but impossible.

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