school and road projects in full swing

Lots of changes since I’ve posted here last! The old Clark school was completely annihilated in about a month. At the same time, a couple blocks of houses and four-plexes along Bragaw St. south of the Glenn were uprooted, demolished and moved away. Water line replacement work is happening.

Photo: miscellaneous metal from the old Clark Middle School sits in an Anchorage metals recycling scrap yard.

The foundation for the new Clark school is almost in. Along with the ongoing work on the mall, the entire southwest portion of the neighborhood has been torn apart this summer! Acres that used to be wooded are now visible from a long ways off. At the corner of Bragaw and Glenn, the pedestrian overpass is still there for now, looking out of place in the current desolate moonscape. Looking around, I can visulaize the reworked intersection, and the gleaming new school building. But completion for both is still two years off.

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