clark middle school rebuild assured

Wow, it’s nice to have something succeed! A lot of people were convinced the bond proposition to fund the Clark Middle School Replacement project would fail at the ballot box in the recent municipal election. But in a rare moment for Anchorage, all of the bond propositions passed. Roads, parks, schools, infrastructure — we said yes to all of it this time.
[We also came down on the wrong side in a statewide advisory vote on whether or not to allow same-sex couples to receive job benefits offered by their partner’s employer — a disgusting outcome, but that’s another story.]
Anyhow… chalk up the success of the Clark bond to a good PR campaign that clarified the state will pay 60 percent of the bill, and that since other ASD obligations are being paid off the Clark bond resulted in no net overall gain in indebtedness. It was felt by many that ballot language has never made this very clear in the past.
So work will begin immediately after school closes for the summer next month. All of the existing, mostly 50+ year old building will be torn down to make way for the new school.
Clark Principal Cessilye Williams told the audience at the April Community Council meeting that the student population will be dispersed over four other Anchorage middle schools — Begich, Wendler, Central and Romig — and that this is possible because the newest school, Begich was recently opened and so the four schools can absorb Clark’s students for two years and still not be overcrowded. Ms. Williams said that every effort will be made to completely integrate the Clark students, so they are not singled out or alienated.
The architect showed early versions of exterior schemes for the new building, with some exterior material samples — polished and unpolished porcelain tile, and heavy duty metal siding with baked-on enamel metallic finish.
It’s all very exciting.

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