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wilhour-warner property

The movie theater complex may have gotten a little closer to realization after a meeting today with neighborhood residents, Mayor Begich and others from City Hall. The municipality resolved some of the items the neighborhood disagreed with from previous proposals. The electrical substation found a new home nearer to its present location, the driveway to the ML&P offices on the upper part of the center mall buildings was moved off the former Mobile Trailer Supply property, and Mt View Drive now has less surface parking along the street. And the theater is smaller and includes retail space along Mt View Drive. This latest quick sketch also shows back out diagonal parking along the street side of the new theater/retail building. I pressed them a little on that — do you really intend to include those spaces? If they do it will go a long way toward buffering the new development to the adjacent part of the residential neighborhood. I said, forgetting the politics, adjacencies and economics for a minute [I know one can’t really forget those things] it is a crime to put a large windowless building on a site with a high plateau and territorial view of the Chugach Mountains. But I guess it wouldn’t be the first instance of such a high crime against nature. The mayor and Hugh Wade continued to spar, as they have for months. Hugh outweighs him but the mayor is very scrappy and tactical.

police calls

Kyle Hopkins’ Alaska Politics blog at ADN dot com discussed a list of the 50 top addresses for police calls in 2006 that included many addresses in Mt View. I had a mini-debate at that blog with a reactionary medical doctor [see the last four or five posted comments here] that was fun if not especially enlightening. The good doctor is into the typical gratuitous Mt View bashing that so many sincere and well-meaning people stumble into. Mt View Community Council president Hugh Wade told me in an email, “We already know we have a poor reputation. It’s doesn’t bother me too much. All we can do is make our neighborhood better by doing what we are doing, and it will improve.” So pragmatic! So practical!

non-support of knik arm bridge

At tonight’s meeting of the Mt View Community Council, the membership passed two resolutions about the proposed Knik Arm Crossing [one of the state’s infamous “bridges to nowhere”]. The first resolution was sponsored by Anchorage Assemblymember Allan Tesche and was a list of four conditions that the municipality would attach to a bridge development, dealing with paying for infrastructure improvements that would have to be made to carry traffic to the bridge and attempt to negate impacts on neighborhoods the approach road and tie-ins would create. The second resolution was a little stronger, and expressed support for the South Addition Community Council resolution that was basically a blunt statement of non-support. The first resolution passed 6-2 and the second 11-3. To my way of thinking, it’s great that the public is beginning to grasp the truth about this ill-conceived mega-project. Lots of negative impact, not that much value for the money, not needed now.


Toward the end of last year I stopped putting up any new posts here. I think the initial novelty wore off and I got sidetracked by other projects. But there’s still a lot to say so I want to get back to it. I’d hoped for more participation from the outset, and maybe that will still happen. I’m trying to set this up so comments can be posted anonymously and immediately but having trouble with the settings. Will keep working on that. Anyway, there have been many new developments, most of them positive. So I’ll try to lay it down for you.


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